This privacy policy is designed to describe to you our practice of collecting personal information from users of Hookoo. Our Terms of Use have incorporated this Privacy Policy as an important component for terms and conditions of use the Hookoo services with your permission. Once you visit our website, register or start using our services, you agree to our terms of collection, use and disclosure of your personal information that will be outlined in our Privacy Policy.

1. We’ll collect your personal information as follows:

a) Information You Volunteered. When you use the various functions provided by us, the personal information you voluntarily provide will be collected by us. For instance, when you do the registration and complete your profile, we will gather some of your personal information, including your full name, birth date, age, gender, physical appearance, family relationships, occupation, hobbies (wine, movies, cooking, etc.) and so on. When you take use of interactive features for matches (such as Quickmatch, Messages, Moments, Events, Connections and History), we will collect your valid email address, photographs, comments, location, password, sexual orientation and your contact information (including phone number, landline number and home address). If you want to buy a subscription to upgrade your membership, we will also collect your billing information, credit card, bank card or PayPal information.
b) We may collect information about How You Use Our Services. With respect to your use and access to Hookoo’s services, for example, how you check others’ profiles, where you have been and how many Hookoo coins do you pay for and what you use them for. It can also include the using of functions and dating features, such as preferences you set up for your matches, favorite list, friends or contact list, the connections you make, users you pass and like and any other use of our application.
c) The Information from Your Posts. To make more friends on our app, you will leave some comments, upload photos or release other posts and we claim to have the right to collect information about when you post them, how you use them, whom you share with and who views your posts.
d) Information Automatically Collected. We will automatically collect your information when you get access to our services. Whenever you visit our official website or others website related to Hookoo, our servers will automatically recognize your IP addresses, domain name, browser type, how long you stay, what you have done, which website you are from, where you are going. The “traffic data” which would be helpful for the marketing team in the test of network congestion and improving the servers would also be collected by us. When you use services offered by our application (Hookoo), we may also collect device-specific information of your phone, such as UDID, device type, phone number, operation system version and your location if we can get the permission of share your device’s GPS system when you use features and functions.
e) Cookies and Use of Cookie Data. We may collect your cookies data of using our services, including when you log in and log out, the features you use and where you go later. We use the cookie date to provide and improve the better Services to users and you can come to the Cookie Policy to find out more about how we use it.
f) Communications You with Us and Others. When you send feedback or emails to the Hookoo Support Team, we will collect relevant information, such as the time, content and address of the email. When you use interactive features to have communications with other users, we may also gather the content, whom you talk to, start and end times and so on. And if you use third-party networks for something related to our app, such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, we will also collect your communications there.
g) Information from Others. We reserve the right to store and collect the information provided by other users on our app or other third-party organizations, including contact details, Internet navigation details, demographic data and fraud prevention information.
h) Purchase. If pay for any subscription of Hookoo via your Apple iTunes account or Google Play account, we will collect the iTunes unique transaction IDs and receipts for the App iTunes and some basic information about your payment time, your bill but Hookoo won’t ask users to pay for their accounts and no any details about the credit card or bank card information.

2. We use the information we collect with following rules:

a)provide and improve our services for users and ensure the normal operation of products;
b) store user data and provide users with the ability to edit their personal profiles;
c) collect enough data to provide basis for analyzing users' interests and the advantages and disadvantages of app functions;
d) Provide you with what you might be interested in through data analysis, email, phone calls, and third-party networks;
e) develop more sites related to our app to ensure we can continue to provide you content and advertisements that you are interested in;
f) we can still track and show you what you want while you are at other sites;
g) Verify your eligibility and provide prizes related to the contest and raffle;
h) enforce or exercise any rights in our Terms of Use;
i) A function or service described to you at collection time.

3. The people whom we will share your information with:

Other official users. Once you complete the registration and submit your profile, your information will be viewable by any other official member of Hookoo. Other users are allowed to check your profile for free and view your information provided to us by you voluntarily such as your full name, age, phone number, state and city, and you hobbies.
If you have uploaded some additional photos, other users also can view them and even download and save them in some way. When you leave a comment, post some words or send messages to other users, we will share the content with other users since that’s what they have to know.
The information indicated in this Privacy Policy won’t be shared with others by us and this rule also applies to when we notify you and offer you the opportunity to choose not to share your personal information.

4. Choice About the Collection and Use of Your Information

Refusing to provide personal information is allowed on our app, but it may cause you to be unable to take full of use our functional services since information is required to complete these steps, including register as a formal user, ask for help from the support team, upgrade membership, make conversations with matches and initiate other transactions on Hookoo.